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Long Point - A World Biosphere

When researching this area of Ontario and Lake Erie, you may notice one feature that tends to stand out and make it unique from all other communities you may have been looking at.  Designated in 1986 as a UNESCO site, this region is recognized as a World Biosphere, offering some of the most pristine and ecologically unique habitats in the world. Never lacking in opportunities to enjoy the surrounding environment, homeowners in Norfolk County have many options for enjoying the amazing features of the South Coast.

You'll find ecotour options in the area that take advantage of the most heavily forested landscape in southwestern Ontario, to the world famous wetlands of Long Point Peninsula.  Wildlife migration spectacles are common and range from the thousands of Monarchs who populate the Long Point area before they leave for the tropics to massive flocks Tundra Swans and Sandhill Cranes.

Some of the most popular adventures for both summer visitors and local residents include riding zip lines through the Carolinian Forest, canoeing and kayaking down Big Creek, and exploring conservation lands that protected and endangered wildlife species call home.

Birding Extraordinaire A Popular Draw For Homeowners In The Ontario South Coast

Long Point is just one of the points of land that extend into the Great Lakes.  Like many other points along the Great Lake shoreline, it is one of the best places to view bird migrations in the spring and fall months.  
Each year, mass migrations of hundreds of different species, traveling by the millions, pass by the Long Point shoreline. In an effort to monitor this amazing annual migration, as well as the multitude of species which live and breed in the area, towns such as Port Rowan are home to national conservation organizations such as Bird Studies Canada (BSC). Not only does BSC monitor the birds of the area but it also offers information to tourists and local residents to help educate and inform.

In a time when green space and ecologically unique areas are at a premium, purchasing Long Point Country real estate is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in its most pristine form, and to encourage your children and grandchildren to preserve and protect this amazing world.

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