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Norfolk County is well known for its culture, arts, downtown districts and other recreational opportunities.  It is also a paradise for those who love wine, dining and shopping.  Once a tobacco growing area, the fertile soils that once grew only tobacco are now being used for other crops as well. Known to many as “Ontario's Garden”, crops may have changed, but the way of life still exists. Growing in popularity for a number of reasons, Norfolk County caters to the good life offering some of the finest wineries, fine foods and boutique shopping imaginable. Get to know more about Norfolk County living with a look at wineries, cuisine and culture along Ontario's South Shore.


A fantastic mild climate, controlled by the waters of Lake Erie, make this area a perfect place for vineyards.  The area is sometimes dubbed Canadian Napa Valley.  
Rich soils, innovative farming techniques and a culture supportive of the small town farming- community life make home owners in Norfolk County the lucky recipients of the finest wines, freshest foods and a way of life hard to find anywhere else in the world today.  Wineries in the area continue to grow and thrive...  A stop at Burning Kiln Winery is a must! 



Foodies can be found throughout the region of Norfolk County, and for good reason. More than simply a wine region, the fertile soil of the Ontario South Shore is also well known for its locally grown ingredients and those who cook with them.


A foodie paradise, many of the local area restaurants are known for using the freshest ingredients, and the newest techniques in fine cuisine.  Some of the more popular dining places include:

  • The Blue Elephant - signature curry dishes
  • Erie Beach Hotel Restaurant - known for Lake Erie Perch
  • The Arbor - a Port Dover landmark
  • David's - a panoramic view of Lake Erie and dishes made with local delicacies

Whether you want a fine dining experience overlooking Lake Erie, a hot dog at the beach or a quiet meal at a family restaurant, you'll find it all in Norfolk County and Long Point Country.

Boutiques and Shopping

Shopping is an adventure in Long Point Country.  The variety and selection may be overwhelming at first, but you'll learn to love it - especially when you're looking for something unique.  You'll have a big variety to choose from: gift shops, shops run by local artisans, art galleries, antique shops, candle makers, and the list goes on. 


You might enjoy Shadfly Antiques in Port Dover, or dress up your new home with items from Eising Greenhouses and Garden Centre.  A great way to find the best presents and amuse your guests when they come to visit you in your new home is to visit the quaint boutiques offering unique and specialized products.


For life's more mundane requirements, you'll also find a good selection of groceries, book stores, home supply stores and so forth.


When you're looking at Port Rowan real estate, or opportunities in the surrounding areas, you're choosing a lifestyle, not just a house.  Using our real estate expertise and local market knowledge, we can help you find just the right house to suit your lifestyle.  Call us at 519-586-2626, or use the form below to send an email.

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